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Stiforp Email Templates To Welcome New Member

by Giap

This is the Stiforp Email Template that you can refer and modify to welcome new paid member who takes the tour, sign up and had entered the contact info.

This contact info can be found in the Stiforp Back Office under the Contact Manager Tab on top. It is essential to manage all your follow up to your paid members and pre-enrollees as normally the ratio of paid members to pre-enrollees is 2-5 to 100.

The follow up means the potential to convert up to 95 % of the leads. That’s a huge ratio and numbers.


Stiforp Email Template To Welcome New Member

Email Subject: Welcome To Best Stiforp Team: Empowering H0me Based Biz

Email Copy:


Hello [Pre-enrollee Name],

Thank you so much for taking the tour and signup as a paid member of Stiforp. The pre-launch was on July 20th and the official launch is set for Sep 20th. The record so far is a solid proof of the potential and acceptance of this business.

The Self Assuring Success Factor Facts:

• Almost $500,000 in commissions have been p@id out since pre-launch in July 20th.

• 10,088 p@id members are in the stiforp business

• 152,678 pre-enrollees have registered their interest.

• Russian and Spanish Language Landing Pages have been added beside English.

I am one of the founding members of the  Best Stiforp Team: Empowering H0me Based Biz.
We are a group of experienced internet m@rketers who have been working together in a few ventures.

What is our Team Concept?

Are you aware that only 2-5 % of Internet M@rketers and Online MLM Marketers that have the expertise and tools can make it a huge success in Stiforp?

2-5 % of Internet M@rketers are Competent

The rest of the 95% would just have moderate success and many failures.

Leader with Huge Signups. What about the team?

If you see the Leaderboard in Stiforp, what do you think those leaders with huge no. of distributors? Some have 300s. If they have their team, why don’t they support the team and not building more downlines themselves?

This is a good question.

Best Stiforp team Giant Rotator

We believe that if we can pull the resources of the whole team and have centralized websites with rotator that passes the leads to all team members, the success rate of the whole team would be better.

That’s why you need to consider seriously about joining our Team as we have the effective and powerful Team Resources and Expertise to help you succeed in this Stiforp business together.

The Giant Rotator is one of the killer m@rketing arsenal that we have for m@rket domination.

These are The Empowering Resources of the Best Stiforp Team:

1. Best Stiforp Team Rotator
Only a paid member of our team are entitled to be included in the rotator. 
The condition is that you must be willing to be an active member of our team.

2. Best Stiforp Team Facebook Group
Please forward your request to join our Team group after you become a paid member. I will approve you to be in.

3. Best Stiforp Team Facebook Page
There is a Rotator link in the Facebook Page. The link can be founfd initem 7.

4. Best Stiforp Team Forum
The link can be found in item 7.

5. My personal Facebook Page for Stiforp: *

6. Best Stiforp Team Strategy Mind Map
The link can be found in item 7.

7. Main Hub To All Resources for Best Stiforp Team: Empowering Home Based Biz with Stiforp Online Marketing Tools

To join item 1 and 2, you must be a paid member of Stiforp.

Please like our Facebook Page in item 5 so that we can connect and update you on all progresses.

You may join the forum for any of your questions to be answered.

Once again, I warmly welcome you to the Best Stiforp Team: Empowering Home Based Biz

Thank you so much.

Best Regards

[Your Name]

[Your Signature File]


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